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23 January 2012 @ 06:55 pm
hi LJ. did you miss me? i did not even bother to blog for 2011. i'm sorry. i've been busy eh. as you know, i was in a relationship last year. and then things didn't end the way i wanted it to. he broke up with me. right now i am still hurting, but i am trying my best to move on.

one day i will blog why, but not now. i cannot cry right now.

this 2012, i'm not sure what will happen. last year started great because of him. i didn't expect this to happen. pero life must go on. this year, i am booked for japan. i also want to go to boracay in summer and halloween. i am going to rule 2012. i will mend my broken heart.

let's do this!
21 August 2010 @ 03:05 pm
Ribs + pizza. Citron. Cranberry. "I love you guys. Lasing na ko." Red lipstick girls. Babaeng flat ang pwet. Picture tayo! Republiq. Shots ni Ivy. Vodka na puro cranberry. Bawal humawak sa stage, bawal dumikit sa stage. Magagalit ang bouncer. May muntik mahulog sa escalator. "Ano koche nya? Puti? Yung taxi?" Di lasing si Jam, hindi talaga. McDo food sa koche. Marikina-Pasig-QC for Pong. Grown Ups. Step Up 3D.

Kailangan ko ng socks, sabit kayo. May sumabit na skirt at iba pa. Leather jacket na 11k! Amici. Tini. Agave. Strawberry margarita. 12 strong ice. "11 dapat tulog na tayo ha?" Free shots. Free glasses. Free nachos. Channel your inner PR. Hindi tayo invited sa kasal! Hedwig ring, "I'm enganged!". Sya daw ang pinakamabait pero may Ukay retail therapy. Love love. Sulit ang weekend.
10 August 2010 @ 10:01 pm
my throat hurts.
dapat di ko na kinain yung cupcake kanina.
i didn't want to eat it talaga, kaya lang bigay ng boss ko.
i didn't want to offend her, so i ate some. i ate the half of it for 5 hours.
and then binully ko si sherwin para kainin yun.
i don't like sweets that much. afraid ako sa diabetes.
ang dami pa whipped cream nun, i don't eat those. ewan maarte ako. but i don't like whipped cream.
ang daming fats non.
and now my throat hurts, it's itchy.
parang nung kumain ako ng meringue.
i know na ang kasunod nito.
magkakasakit nanaman ako.
i can feel the virus na.
last week i was sick with a terrible stomach ache. di ko alam kung ulcer or whatever. basta super painful stomach ache that i just want to lie on my bed, on my stomach.
and now, magkakasakit nanaman ako.
there's a virus going around at work, dami may sakit.
ubo sila ng ubo. ako naman likot ng likot kung kani kanino nakikipag kwentuhan.
and then kanina naramdaman ko na yung virus. confident pa ako na di ako mahahawa kasi kakagaling ko lang sa sakit.
kasalanan to nung cupcake na matamis.
i had a funny dream about 2 nights ago.
i was about to go on a date with ronald singson. here's who ronald singson is:
and then we were talking on the street, katipunan corner aurora boulevard to be exact.
and then his he was getting cocaine from a table which came out of nowhere - on the middle of the street.
and then his MMDA friend came and got some cocaine from under the table too.
and then a car passes by -- i don't know who's driving but there's 4 people in the backseat. one is my guy officemate and his girlfriend.
my guy officemate looks concerned because he saw me talking to ronald singson and is making a face as if he's telling me to get out of there.
i just ignore his face and say hi to his girlfriend, kiss her on the cheek.
guy officemate was surprised we were friends.
and then after a few blurry scenes, next thing i see is that i am being questioned by the police.
they were asking if i knew anything about the drugs that ronald has.
i think there's more but i just forgot what the rest was, and then i woke up.
okay i can explain why i dreamt of ronald singson. because i made a comment in someone's blog, making fun of him and his stupidity for carrying drugs in the airport.
guy officemate sometimes hits on me.
i don't like him that way.
i know he doesn't like me too, maybe. i don't know.
he usually flirts with me and tells me stuff and sometimes i ride along his joke.
but i don't like him. and i respect his girlfriend.
naawa ako sa girlfriend nya, ang landi nya eh.
kung alam ng boyfriend nya kalandian nya, gosh.
kung may boyfriend ako titigilan ako nito.
speaking of.
i feel sad because of my camera.
it's been more than a week since my camera's been broken and mom brought it to the repair shop.
sana magawa na siya huhu.
the other day i saw eminem's video on love the way you lie.
and then i was listening to it on my phone on the way home.
and then i cried.
naka-relate ako sa song, super.
it's easy for some people to say they will leave as soon as their partner hits them or hurts them.
but, really, it's not.
i've had a semester's course on women's rights etc etc.
but it's different when you're actually in that relationship.
i hoped that person would change.
i can't leave because i was so in love, i was willing to accept everything that's happening.
i hold on hoping that that would be the last.
mahirap ikwento kung ano nangyari pag tinatanong ng iba.
tapos na yun.
happy thoughts.
wala ako maisip na happy thoughts.
naiisip ko lang makati lalamunan ko.
wala akong happy thoughts right now?
oh dear.
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: the ting tings - great dj
08 August 2010 @ 07:08 pm
tinay86: fanny fanny conversation ngaoyn lang
tinay86: may bagong toy si joy na telepono
tinay86: sabi ko tawagan mo si winnie the pooh
tinay86: so nag dial sya
tinay86: joy: hello winnie the pooh? kakausapin ka daw ni tita tinay
ives_candelaria: o
ives_candelaria: haha shet
tinay86: ako: hi winnie!!! kamusta ka? kasama mo si dora? o joy gusto mo kausapin si dora?
tinay86: di pinasa ko uli
tinay86: joy: hi dora!!! i miss you??? tita tinay o si hello kitty kausapin ka
ives_candelaria: HAHAHAHAAHAHHA shet
tinay86: ako: hello, kitty??? meow meow meowwwww
tinay86: hahahahahaha
ives_candelaria: mana sayo. luka luka
ives_candelaria: pakyu
tinay86: hahahahahha
tinay86: shet nakakalokaaaaaaa
ives_candelaria: si winnie the pooh dapat iba din yung tunog
ives_candelaria: kasi bear sya e
ives_candelaria: whaaat
tinay86: nakakaloka yung teleponong stawberry shotcake
tinay86: haahahha
ives_candelaria: ay wow
ives_candelaria: i like
ives_candelaria: hahaha
tinay86: baliw si joy
ives_candelaria: siya pa yung baliw. sino kaya nagsabi tawagan mo si winnie the pooh
11 July 2010 @ 11:11 pm
so i was editing the playlist my intern made for the mall's pipe in music, removing songs that aren't nice etc etc. i was only at song number 6 when i got sad, pucha sino ba nakaisip ng love songs patugtugin twing umaga. nakakasad ang air supply and styx songs. pang karaoke lang ito eh.
03 July 2010 @ 05:23 pm
ives_candelaria: underpaid tayo or ang super gastos lang natin
tinay86: shet
tinay86: super gastos lang natin
tinay86: hahaha
ives_candelaria: dapat may maimbento na stress allowance e
ives_candelaria: hahaha pang inom, pang nood ng sine
tinay86: hahahaha stress allowance pucha
ives_candelaria: hahahahaha
tinay86: iba pa sa clothing allowance
ives_candelaria: kasi nakakastress yung trabaho. dapat iba yung bayad dun
ives_candelaria: oo iba pa
tinay86: saka cellphone allowance, kasi ako wala akong company phone eh. so dapat bigyan nila ako allowance sa mga gastos ko sa phone diba

i want some stress and clothing allowance! huhuhu.